9 Best Cordless Stick Vacuums of 2023 for a Cleaner Home

The best cordless stick vacuum removes the hassle and hard work of cleaning your home. Ditching the cable means you can vacuum without the hassle of a trailing cord and finding a plug socket nearby, making the process easier and more efficient in 2023.

The best cordless stick vacuum comes in handy when you need something portable and light. You don't have to worry about range or handling the cable once you're done cleaning because cordless stick vacuums don't have a power wire.

Compared to conventional upright or canister vacuums, cordless stick vacuums are simpler to transport up and down stairs or into other rooms.

Best Cordless Stick Vacuums of 2023

Some individuals might even love how they feel the best cordless stick vacuum in their hands since they can move around the room more efficiently. Nevertheless, cordless stick vacuums have drawbacks concerning battery life. They may be an excellent addition to any house, provided you don't mind the charging time or their limited active battery life.


Before Buying the Best Cordless Stick Vacuum, What Should You Know?

  • Battery Life: Depending on the size of your home and the number of surfaces you intend to clean, vacuuming could be a time-consuming chore. If you're shopping for the best cordless stick vacuums, watch models with long-lasting battery life. While some models we found only run for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, other options can last up to two hours.
  • Suction: Do you clean up pet hair frequently? The motor should create enough airflow to pull hair and debris out of carpets and seat cushions.
  • Accessories: Does the cordless vacuum come with attachments, extendable brushes, and crevice tools? Because you will need to clear cobwebs from corners, crown mouldings, and ceiling rafters.
  • Clog-Free Hoses: Flexible hoses avoid backups and blockages and strike a balance between size and functionality.
  • Weight and Maneuverability: One of our favourite features of the cordless stick vacuum is how lightweight and easy it is to move around your home. People with lots of tight corners in their house or furniture they'd like to vacuum under will want to look for models that offer maximum flexibility. Some stick vacuums can rotate nearly 180 degrees, while others are flexible enough to lay completely flat when cleaning under a couch or behind furniture.

Are Cordless Vacuums as Powerful as Corded Vacuums?

While some cordless vacuum cleaners lack cleaning power, some of the best cordless vacuums will clean as well as one plugged in. It’ll be less of an issue if you have mostly hard floors, but if you have carpet, be aware that cordless vacuum cleaners don’t fare as well as those that are corded.

We tested dust pick-up on the carpet for cordless and corded vacuum cleaners and found that the best-corded pick-up was 88%, and cordless was 85%. On average, cordless vacuums sucked up just 41% of the dust from the carpet, compared to 70% for corded vacuums.

Are Cordless Vacuums Better Than Cord Vacuums? 

The performance differences between corded and cordless vacuum cleaners rely on the manufacturer and the user's specific cleaning requirements and preferences, aside from the fact that the first runs on battery power while the second must be connected to electricity.

Some cordless stick vacuums perform just as well as more traditional corded and canister vacuums. The main difference is that corded vacuums, which are bulkier, usually have more giant dustbins and more powerful motors that might make the suction power stronger.

What Are the Benefits of a Cordless Stick Vacuum? 

Cordless stick vacuums allow you to clean your house without having to deal with being tethered to a cord. If you find yourself annoyed having to plug and unplug your vacuum as you move around or worry about tripping over the cable, a cordless stick vacuum may be the best option.

A cordless stick vacuum is also great if you don't have a lot of storage space.

Best Cordless Stick Vacuums of 2023

Most cordless stick vacuums are small compared to traditional corded vacuums, and you can even take some apart so that you can store the parts on a shelf instead of upright.

What are the Drawbacks of Owning a Cordless Stick Vacuum? 

The biggest drawback to using a cordless vacuum is working with limited battery life. Charging times depend on the model, but some cordless stick vacuums can take up to five and a half hours to charge fully. It's crucial to remember to charge it in between uses.

Most cordless stick vacuums only have roughly 40 minutes of power when fully charged. The greater the suction setting on your cordless stick, if it has more than one, the more power it will use from your battery. For higher suction settings, your battery should expire after 20 to 35 minutes.

How do We Test Cordless Vacuum Cleaners?

We test all our cordless vacuum cleaners in the same way so we can compare the performance of a new model with every vacuum we’ve reviewed in the past. With a cordless unit, this starts with a battery rundown test to see how long the battery lasts at each of its power settings on the short-pile carpet with the floor head attached. Then, we measure the suction and the airflow.

To test each vacuum’s cleaning ability, we weigh out measured quantities of flour and Cheerios and spill each one onto both the carpet and the hard floor. We allow the vacuum a single pass over the spill, weighing the vacuum’s collection bin before and after cleaning. In this way, we can see exactly how good the device is at collecting these tricky materials from both types of surfaces.

We also use each vacuum intensively in a range of regular household chores to test in real-world conditions. The hardest part won't be cleaning with them but deciding which one is right for you, and the good news is we're here to help. So, let's begin with the list of our best and cheapest cordless stick vacuums in 2023.

Best Cordless Stick Vacuums for a Cleaner Home

Best Cordless Stick Vacuums
Best Cordless Stick Vacuums in 2023

We've tested over 23 vacuum cleaners, and below are our recommendations for the best vacuum cleaners of 2023 with a cordless design. We selected these picks based on their performance on different surface types and their feature set, battery life, and price.


BLACK & DECKER Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This Black and Decker cordless stick vacuum comes with an angled floorhead for use on multiple surfaces, v-shaped bristles to pick up all types of debris, and an anti-tangle pet hair brush bar. Its patented brush bar with rubber bristles removes persistent pet hair and dirt for a more thorough clean.

The BLACK & DECKER cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a powerful tool for cleaning hard surfaces, area rugs, and carpets. It features a 3-speed control, a front-facing damp bin for easy emptying, and an extra-long crevice tool for hard-to-reach spaces. The built-in filter delivers up to 75% better debris pickup and twice the suction for powerful cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner delivers a deeper, more detailed cleaning of furniture, carpets, and more.

It is equipped with a 3x cleaning system, which features an angled floorhead that can be used on multiple surfaces, v-shaped bristles that pick up all different types of debris, and an anti-tangle brush bar for stubborn pet hair. Offering added versatility, it converts to a handheld vacuum with a flip-up brush for accessing hard-to-reach spaces, as we mentioned above.


Shark Cordless Vacuum with Clean Sense IQ

Shark Cordless Vaccum ECO mode features an infrared sensor that detects dirt, automatically increasing power for improved dirt pickup and visually indicating when floors are clean.

It combines two brush roll technologies into one nozzle, soft microfiber handles stuck on dust and piles of large debris, and PowerFins directly engage floors and dig deep into carpets.

Shark Cordless vacuum with clean sense IQ guards against bad odors from debris you pick up, leaving you with a fresh-smelling home. Its hyperVelocity accelerated suction delivers incredible performance in an ultra-lightweight cordless.

The LED display provides real-time information on battery levels, suction levels, and the activation of Clean Sense IQ. The self-cleaning brush roll is a powerful tool for pet hair removal, eliminating the need for hair wraps.

Shark cordless hand vacuum offers up to 40 minutes of runtime with a removable battery and an XL dust cup that ejects debris in seconds using a CleanTouch Dirt Ejector, ensuring no dirt gets in your hands.


Kenmore 2 Speed Cordless Stick VacuumCleaner

The Kenmore cordless stick vacuum is the ultimate in quick cleaning. Featuring a featherlight construction at under 5lbs. and a 40+ minute run time, this easy-to-use vacuum has the power to clean without interruption.

The nozzle includes swivel steering and an LED headlight, so dust and debris have nowhere to hide. Designed for all surfaces and with a powerful 21.6v motor, this go-anywhere vacuum is all you need and nothing you don’t.

The bagless design features a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of dirt and a 0.6L capacity dirt cup for easy emptying.

Its powerful 8000PA suction cleaner offers quick pickups on various surfaces, including tile, hardwood, linoleum, and carpet, without the need for a cord.

This 2-in-1 stick vacuum has a super lightweight design and is perfect for above-floor cleaning or carrying up and down stairs.


Homeika Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless stick vacuum, equipped with a 380W strong brushless motor, provides 28,000Pa upgraded suction power, which makes it easy for you to capture all the dust, pet hair, and debris in your home.

It is suitable for hard floors, low-pile carpets, tiles, and other floors. Multiple accessories can be assembled into eight different combinations to meet all your cleaning needs. Its dust cup (1.2L)/HEPA/filter is detachable and washable.

The 180° swivel brush and 4 LED lights enable you to clean the blind corners under furniture easily. The brush is not easy to wrap, ideal for full house cleaning, and suitable for everyday use around children and pets.

This cordless vacuum cleaner can capture 99.99 % of fine particles to 0.1um and provide strong centrifugal force to separate dirt effectively.

Note: Regularly clean the filter to prevent the vacuum cleaner from weakening and blocking.

Detachable high-performance batteries can provide up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted operation time (Max mode 20 minutes, Mid mode 30 minutes, Min mode 50 minutes), and the Homeika battery vacuum cleaner contains 6-CELL batteries.


Foppapedretti Upgraded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Foppapedretti handheld vacuum boasts a highly efficient 210W brushless motor that provides 25KPa powerful suction on MAX mode. It can easily remove dirt, debris, dust, pet hair, cat litter, pet food, and other messes, making it perfect for a home with pets. The stick vacuum performs exceptionally well on hardwood floors, low and middle-pile carpets, tile, marble, and more.

With a 2200mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery, this vacuum cleaner cordless provides an outstanding cleaning performance for up to 35 minutes (Standard Mode for 35 minutes, MAX Mode for 15 minutes), which ensures thorough cleaning all around the house. The detachable battery can be charged singly or on its main body.

This Foppapedretti upgraded stick vacuum cleaner comes with a wall mount, which allows for easy storage after cleaning. It has three charging methods: removing the main body to charge, removing the handle to charge, and hanging it on the wall to charge.

It can be easily hidden away in a cupboard, taking up less room and providing convenience for storage or use. Its 4-stage fully sealed cyclone filtration system includes a HEPA filter with a mesh filter, a stainless steel strainer, and cyclone separation.

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner can efficiently capture 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.3 microns to avoid secondary pollution. It can provide the ultimate purified air for your family, especially your babies.


TASVAC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With LED Display

TASVAC is a rising star brand in the field of cleaning products, and its core members consist of seasoned product managers, R&D engineers, and production experts. They have been in the field of cleaning products, including vacuum cleaners, for more than 20 years.

This cordless vacuum cleaner for the home is equipped with a 300W upgraded brushless digital motor, which can generate 28000Pa suction force on max mode.

It has three suction modes to choose from for easily picking up dirt, cat litter, pet hair, debris from carpet, hardwood floor, etc., and with this cordless vacuum cleaner, you can peacefully clean with less disturbance(<68dB) to your family and pets.

With 2200m-Ah 8-cell large capacity lithium-ion batteries (extra two cells than other vacuums), the rechargeable vacuum cordless provides up to 50 minutes runtime for deep cleaning on standard mode, 20 minutes on max mode, and is ideal for large jobs and full house cleaning.

Meanwhile, this battery stick vacuum provides over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection; its unique battery-saving technology ensures that the suction of the cordless vacuum is always in a state of high power and low power loss.

With advanced HEPA filters and mesh filters, stainless steel filters, and cyclones, this cordless stick vacuum can efficiently capture 99.99% of dust particles as small as 0.1 microns to avoid secondary pollution and extend the service life, expels ultimate purified air for your family and prevents secondary air pollution. 

This stick cordless vacuum is equipped with a normal and a mini motorized brush head, a 2-in-1 brush, a long crevice, and a retractable metal tube. It can be easily assembled into six combinations for versatile cleanings that let you clean the house in all directions and transform into a handheld vacuum, which is very suitable for cleaning sofas, cars, upholstery, gaps, and more.

TASVAC S8 hardwood floor vacuum only weighs 3.75lb, which won't tire your hands and is extremely suitable for one-hand cleaning, therefore providing you with an excellent cleaning experience. With this vacuum cleaner, you will get one button to empty the 1.2L large dustbin quickly; there is no need to touch the dirt.


Maircle Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Maircle cordless stick vacuum's lightweight design and detachable tube enable you to reach different heights to clean the dust on the curtain or walls, and it is equipped with a 2-in-1 crevice tool and a two-section tube, which you can easily convert into a handheld vacuum for cleaning cars, sofa and furniture.

With a simple click, you can empty the 0.6L dustbin without getting your hands and home dirty.

Maircle lightweight cordless stick vacuum is designed for efficient cleaning in high-up places, offering smooth action and great maneuverability due to its 180-degree swivel light head.

Its patented tangle-free brush allows you to pick up long hair and pet hair with no hair wrap. It is one of the best stick pet vacuum cleaners for homes with pets.

Its 7*2200mAh large-capacity removable battery doubles its battery life, which can effortlessly complete the cleaning of a 2,500 sqft house.


Moosoo Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you're searching for a high-quality vacuum without a hefty price tag, you're in luck, as MOOSOO provides an XL-618Pro cordless vacuum for your best budget.

Its original plastic filtration system has been upgraded in 2023 to a high-efficiency cyclone metal system, removing up to 99.97% of microscopic dust, reducing noise, and preventing blockage issues.

The main machine weighs only 3.3lb which can be equipped with different attachments for different tasks. With an ergonomic handle, anyone can hold the vacuum to finish stairs, upholstery, sofa, and Venetian blinds cleaning with ease.

Moosoo Cordless Vacuum 4-in-1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner, XL-618A

$84.99 in stock
Walmart Walmart.com
Last update was on: November 30, 2023 1:46 pm

Its wireless design frees you from the hassle of a cord, and two adjustable modes adapt to different situations and allow you to make full use of the battery. It can continuously clean larger areas with ease using the built-in trigger lock.

Its outstanding 20-35 minutes cordless running time ensures thorough cleaning all around the house. Its updated motor provides powerful suction to meet every cleaning demand, picking up debris and specks of dust, crumbs, and pet hairs in a minute. It performs well on all kinds of hard floors, carpets, stairs and windowsills, sofas and beds, desks and curtains, etc.


Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Shark cordless pet stick vacuum combines powerful suction with cordless convenience to deliver deep cleaning. Its lightweight design and removable handheld vacuum allow for cleaning from floor to ceiling, and it is available now with an added HEPA filter.

Shark Cordless Pet Stick Vacuum, IX140H

$178.00 $209.00 in stock
Walmart Walmart.com
Last update was on: November 30, 2023 1:46 pm

Shark cordless stick vacuum provides powerful suction for everyday messes in high-traffic areas, with up to 40 minutes of runtime in standard mode. It features true HEPA filtration, capturing and trapping 99.9% of dust and allergens.

The vacuum can be transformed into a hand vacuum for above-floor cleaning, featuring a Pet Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush for efficient pet hair pickup and a bristle brush roll for deep cleaning.

Is a Cordless Stick Vacuum Right for You?

The crucial differences between cordless stick vacuums and other types make them one of the most popular and valued versions to purchase. Although corded upright vacuums with large bins or bags are typically the most effective and can clean the entire house in a single session, they may be heavy, difficult to handle and store, and difficult to empty and maintain.

While corded canister vacuums with longer hoses and more attachments are slightly smaller and simpler to lift, they can be challenging to move, store, and maintain. For fast pick-ups, cordless handheld vacuums are incredibly portable and simple to operate on upholstery and high surfaces. Still, their battery life and bin capacity are typically insufficient to clean an entire house or act as your primary vacuum.

Robot vacuums can only clean floors and have small bins that need to be emptied, so they are insufficient as your only vacuum. However, they are brilliant time savers for routine maintenance and perfect for daily pick-ups in the major sections of your home.

Round Up of Today's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Deals

When to Buy Cordless Stick Vacuums in 2023:

Cordless vacuums are modern pieces of cleaning equipment that can make your life significantly easier. They’re lightweight, high-tech, and convenient devices, so if you want one, consider our suggestions in 2023.

The best time to buy a cordless stick vacuum is during the spring. Many manufacturers run sales when shoppers are in the “spring cleaning” spirit, plus they need to clear their current inventory to make room for new releases in June.

Beyond that, you'll often see discounts during the holiday season, like Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, especially on or around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many brands run sales on other bank holidays, too, like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

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